2016 Grade: INC


Evidence of leadership and commitment in providing physical activity opportunities for all children and youth.

Allocated funds and resources for the implementation of physical activity promotion strategies and initiatives for all children and youth.

Key Findings
  • According to Physical Education (PE) Key Learning Area Curriculum Guide (Primary 1 - Secondary 6) of the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Government:
    1. At the primary level and junior secondary level, schools should allocate 5%-8% of the total lesson time to General PE;
    2. At the senior secondary level, schools should allocate at least 5% of the total lesson time in General PE through Other Learning Experiences. In addition, PE is an elective subject of the senior secondary curriculum and accounts for 10% of the total lesson time over a course of three years.
  • Strategies for Sports Development were emphasized in the Hong Kong Chief Executive's 2017 and 2018 Policy Address.
    1. The opening up of School Facilities for Promotion of Sports Development Scheme was mentioned to encourage public sector schools to open up school facilities to sports associations by providing additional subsidies to the schools. This scheme will play an important role in promoting a sporting culture in schools (
    2. The Government “continues to take forward the Five-Year Plan for Sports and Recreational Facilities” in order to promote sports for all (
  • The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) of the Hong Kong Government is committed to providing high quality leisure facilities and services to meet the needs of the Hong Kong community. The 2018-19 budget of the LCSD is HK$9.09 billion. Among the whole budget, “Recreation and Sports” accounts for HK$4.18 billion, which has increased by 2.5% based on the 2017-18 original budget. According to the plan, the number of participants in school sports programs and national sports associations/sports organizations subvented programs are 634,480 and 749,250, respectively.